Wellcome to the first Fantazine Website. Fantazine #1 is digitally complete and I intend to offer it on the web free of charge for everyone's reading pleasure. My story is that I used to read comicbooks as a kid and had a hobbie of drawing comics. When I was in the 6th grade I created Karnak #1 followed by Karnak #2 in the 7th grade and Karnak #3 in the 9th grade. That explains the changes in the artwork from comic to comic as I was going through changes in my early attempts to become an artist. When I was 15 years old I had left Karnak in a cliffhanger and intended to create the end of the story in a comic called Fantazine. This didn't occure for many years as I grew up, quit collecting comics, and moved on from comics to my later attempts at becomming an artist. After college and the army I dug up the old Karnak comics in my moms basement and decided to finnish the story. That art project has become Fantazine #1 which features color versions of Karnak 1 - 3 and a 17 page finale. The reason I wanted to change from Karnak comics to a comic called Fantazine was so that I could make each issue something compleatly different. Since writing/drawing Fantazine #1, I have gone on to draw Fantazine #2 - #9. They are all 40+ page graphic novels and the artwork has greatly improved as Fantazine has become my hobbie for the last 8 years or so. Issue #5 is a 85 page double size issue.

Here is a rundown of the stories so far. Fantazine #2 is a "Life and Times of Dredd", story. It's a science fiction story about a New York streetgang punk who teams up with a crazy guy that thinks that he is a superhero.

Fantazine #3 is the first in the "Jackobass Saga". It's about a Irish horsethief in the old west named Jack O' Bass who meets a couple timetravelers from the future and falls 10,000,000 years into the future. After stealing a ship with the help of a couple Venisians the adventure begins.

Fantazine #4 is the first part of the "Aquari Trilogy; The Coming of Aquari", he is a cosmic being who comes to Earth to diagnose a possible cancer on the planet called humanity.

Fantazine #5 is the double-size issue featuring the next Life and Times of Dredd story titled "Invasion". This adventure takes our hero's all the way to a star called Mirabalis just south of Earth.

Fantazine #6 is the next Karnak story taking off where he left off in Fantazine #1. I won't spoil what happens next but he ends up on a pirate ship with Captain Sharpfin and his illustrious crew of alians and mutants from the age of 9000A.D. Fantazine #6 also includes an additional superhero group story called, "The Destroyers" which is the comic I made in the 8th grade. Young budding artists may be incouraged to compare my childhood work to some of my latest creations. Practice really does make perfect and I've preserved my earlyer style even though I'm a much better artist these days.

Then I created Fantazine #7 which is the next installment of the Aquari Trilogy titled, "The Ascention of Aquari".

Afterwords, Fantazine #8 is the next story from the "Jackobass Saga" and Finally I completed the Aquari Trilogy in Fantazine #9 with, "The Return of the Gods".

That's all the written/designed Fantazine's to date. From here I need to get the inking done on the rest of them and start introducing them to the world. I'd like to self-publish them and that's probably the ultimate goal, but the industry is a tough place and "the next phase of comicbook evolution is going to be the internet" anyway. I intend to feature Fantazine here to start, free of charge just to see if it gets off the ground at all. It's free for the taking here which doesn't give anyone other than me the right to make money off it. I'm just an artist who desires his work to be recieved appreciatively by the rest of the world and Fantazine has been the art project I've long intended to sell out with.

Fantazine #1 Cover

I've began working on a 10th Fantazine that isn't really going to be a Fantazine. It's called FantazineXXX. Be warned it is a shameless triple X rated hard core wak-off comicbook for your viewing pleasure. It's free of charge with pumping, grinding, animated gifs, and great art. This is located at fantazinexxx dot com. No one under 18 is permitted.

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