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Fantazine #9 is here!
This is the final part of the Aquari Trilogy that began in Fantazine #4 and then continued in Fantazine #7. Now Aquari has become the artificially intelligent computerized satalite surveilence network that he once tinkered with when he first recognized it as the intelligent life on the planet he had been seeking.

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Fantazine #8 is here.
This is the second part of the Jackobass saga. After escaping capture by the highly advanced humans, Jackobass, Sim, and Total take the stolen Stallion time-space-dimension ship on a journey between dimensions, and all the way back to the primordial universe at the beginning of time. Read on and meet the star being named Kreelian Malls. There's even a two dimentional being in this story, along with beings of all kinds of dimensions.

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Fantazine #7 is here.
We return now to the 2nd part of the Aquari Trilogy that began in Fantazine #4. Here we rejoin Aquari on Earth after an asteroid collision that has devistated the planet. Join Aquari and Agent C on a wild journey that runs them from FBI agents all the way to aliens working to correct a planetary wobble. Conspiracies occure on every page of a world that will never be the same again.

Fantazine #6 is complete now
We resume Karnak's story where we left off at the end of Fantazine #1, as he's flying south on a Grav-cycle our hero becomes captured by a ship full of slave selling pirates. Karnak finds himself up against Captain Sharpfin and his illustrious crew of mutants and aliens. This is Earth in the age of 9000A.D. so anything goes. Watch Karnak win his freedom by pitting his grav-bands and flaming sword against a giant one-eyed monster. This issue also features a comic from the artist's 8th grade year. Here comes a superhero group who call themselves "The Destroyers", made up of The Hunter, Energy Man, Mettle Man, and Magno.
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Fantazine #6

Also in Fantazine #6 we have a Destroyers story from the golden age of Fantazine. Fantazine #6 Destroyers

Fantazine #5 is now done.
This is a special 84 page double size issue. Our story goes from Dread and Batman fighting crime in 22nd Century New York, all the way to the star Mirabilous dozens of light years south of Earth. Dread, Batman, the Benson Boy, a mysterious assassin named Manhunter, Captain Blazer of the Canadian Space Fleet, and a highly evolved alian named Pewlip are out to stop ugly 4 armed alians from invading Earth. Check out the Dread and Batman adventure, "Invasion".
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Fantazine #5

Fantazine #4 is the first part of the Aquari Trilogy. Aquari is a cosmic being who travels the universe to diagnose planet conditions for mysterious forces in the center of the galaxy. After the comet Shoemaker Levy9 collided with Jupiter, influences within the galaxy took notice of Earth only to dicover the existance of a technology capable of reproducing the Shoemaker Levy9 effect on Earth itself. Aquari is here to find out if the human condition on this planet is able to handle it, or if they represent a planetary cancer capable of destroying a valuable life-giving world.

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Fantazine #4

Fantazine #3 is Here.
This is about a horse thief in the 1800's who meets a couple time travelers and falls 10 million years into the future. This is black and white drawn with ball-point pen, and its all still here for free.
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Fantazine #3

Fantazine #2 is complete. Dread and Batman discover a plot by the American government to bomb New York and blame it on the Asian Block Nations. Funny how Sci/Fi written in 1992 can mirror present reality.

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Fantazine #2

Here is the comic that started it all. Read Fantazine #1 by clicking here.

Fantazine #1

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